It’s no wonder people are desperate to prevent cold sores.  They are ugly blemishes and they are caused by the Herpes Symplex 1 virus.  No one wants to walk areound with herpes on their lip for the whole world to see.

The easiest way to prevent cold sores is to avoid getting the herpes virus.  This means no kissing anyone who has a cold sore, and some people even say not to let a person with a cold sore go “down south” on you.  I will go with “better safe than sorry” on this one.

Do not share lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, or even powder foundation with someone who has a cold sore.  I take this one step further, and never share makeup with anyone, ever.  When my friend snatched up my lip balm without asking and used it, I told her to keep it.

Also, don’t share silverware, drinking glasses, or coffee cups with a person who has a cold sore.  My recommendation  is to not share food with them, either.

You can also help prevent cold sores by not sharing a towel or toothbrush with a person who has a cold sore.

I know this seems like it’s being overly mean to the person with the cold sore, but you need to get serious when you’re talking about cold sore prevention.  At this time there is no known cure for the virus that causes cold sores.

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A cold sore, or fever blister, is a red, fluid filled pustule usually appearing on or near the lips, and less commonly around the nose.  Cold sores are usually larger than pimples, usually so large and hideous that you can tell you have a cold sore.

If you have had cold sores before, it is most likely a cold sore.  They are caused by a virus that has no known cure, it sits dormant in you body until the conditions are just right to trigger an outbreak.

What can trigger an outbreak, you ask?

Anything that weakens your immune system can trigger a cold sore outbreak, thus cold sores are often associated with colds.  But emotional stress, not enough sleep, and poor nutrition can also be factors.

Sunburned lips can also cause an outbreak.  Be sure to use a lip balm with sunscreen in it.

As if being either pregnant or on your period weren’t bad enough, the hormones associated with these conditions can also cause a cold sore outbreak.

Luckily, there are ways to limit the number of outbreaks you have during the year, as well as shorten the length of your cold sore eruption.  To learn more, please click here for more information.

A cold sore, sometimes known as a fever blister, is a fluid filled sore usually appearing on or near the mouth, and sometimes on or under the nose. It is the result of the Herpes Simplex 1 virus, a relative of the virus that causes genital herpes.  Thus, there is a stigma associated with cold sore breakouts, and people are desperate to get rid of their cold sores.

The ugly truth is there is no way to get rid of a cold sore by eradicating the herpes virus.  At this time, there is no known cure.  Luckily, though, there are ways to shorten the length of a breakout, and head off a cold sore breakout altogether.

Putting an antibacterial salve on your cold sore keeps the blister from drying out, cracking, and bleeding, as well as protecting it from a secondary bacterial infection.  These ointments are proven to hasten healing time.

Wash the cold sore gently twice a day with hot, soapy water.  Be sure you don’t scrub too hard and break the blister, this will just spread the virus around your face.

At night you can put a mud mask on the affected area, this will help to dry the cold sore out.

Women you have one option the men don’t.  You can put two coats of liquid bandage over your cold sore, (allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the second) then apply lipstick over the blemish if it’s on your lips, apply foundation over skin affected.

Follow these easy tips and you will have friends and co-workers asking you, “How did you get rid of your cold sore?”

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When my girlfriend found out I was writing a series of articles on cold sores, she told me this story.  While living with cold sores is not life threatening, she says at times it is a real pain, and she wishes she’d known more about cold sore prevention. Here’s the story.  It’s even funnier when you know she’s married to a guy named H.D.

“I should have known better.  I was in college, renting a house with 4 other students.  This rommates’ name was Hurl.  Not his knickname.  Name.  I’ve seen his birth certificate.  There’s a long story there, most of it alcohol related.  I’ll save that for another day.

Anyway, Hurl said he needed urine to clear up the monster cold sore that was eating up the corner of his mouth.  More specifically, he needed me to pee on his face.  Well, I was only 19, but I was smart enough to figure out what he was really up to.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to know you can catch the herpes virus that causes cold sores by using a towel a person with cold sores has used.

I shared a bathroom with Hurl, and I caught Herpes Simplex I (that causes cold sores) from him.  Please learn all you can about how not to catch the virus in the first place.”

My friend has learned the hard way how to cure a cold sore.  To find a great resource for you if you want to know how to cure a cold sore, please click here.

Everyone wants to get rid of their cold sore, and luckily there are many ways to speed up the healing process.  Most over the counter and prescription medicines need to be applied when you first get a tingling sensation in your lip.  The following home remedies are to be used to get rid of the cold sore after it has already appeared.

  • Aloe Vera- You can apply an Aloe Vera gel to the cold sore-or better yet, you can break a leaf off an Aloe Vera plant and squeeze the gel of the plant directly to the cold sore.
  • Analgesic spray for sore throats- Can be used topically to help with the tingling and itching.
  • Coat the cold sore with an antibacterial cream or petroleum jelly 3 times daily.  This will help keep the cold sore moist and help prevent a secondary bacterial infection.
  • Apply a warm tea bag to the cold sore for 30 minutes.  Tannic acid has anti-viral properties.
  • Put a mud mask on the cold sore at bedtime.  This will help dry up the cold sore and help you get rid of it faster.
  • Vinegar, tea tree oil, cider and vitamin E oil can help cleanse the cold sore and fight bacteria.
  • Don’t forget- twice a day wash the affected are gently (no scrubbing) with a hot, soapy wash cloth.

Now you know how to get rid of a cold sore, but if you would like to know how to stop or limit cold sore outbreaks, check out this website by clicking here.